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Gene and Jon
Taken on our 41st Anniversary
Gene and I were married in Belton, Tx, on July 6. 1961. We met in Zweibrucken, Germany,
where he was stationed at the time with the U.S. Army, and I was there with my dad,.
who was a career Army man.
We had absolutely nothing in common, (and still don't), so this marriage may not
last much longer, (been 47 years now!). Anyway, we have one son, Douglas, who is 45, and
lives in Minneapolis, MN. No Grandchildren.
Here is a picture of us when we first got married, see no change at all!
 We have always been a really good looking couple!
Actually, we have a lot of pictures of friends, family and us at this website,
if you would care to look, click here